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Sturminster Newton is a small town in the Blackmore Vale area of Dorset;
Sturminster Mill_001
Sturminster Newton is a small town in the Blackmore Vale area of Dorset, it was once the home to one of the largest cattle markets in the southwest of England, today it is the centre of a thriving agricultural dairy area.

From a photographers point of view one of the most interesting features of Sturminster Newton is its Mill, situated on the river Stour it is one of a series of mill built around the 17th century for the production of flour.
The actual machinery within the mill was replaced with a turbine in 1904, It is believed that a mill has stood on the site since 1086.
I parked in the carpark opposite the Bull pub and walked along the A357 to the bridge over the river, there are some good views of the mill from the bridge but you do need to be careful of the passing traffic.

On the far side of the bridge there is a small gate which takes you along the path on the North side of the river, from this path there are some excellent image opportunities using the river bank as foreground.

As you get closer to the mill you will see that there is a weir and a small metal bridge which link the mill with the North side of the river, just before you mount the bridge there are some images of the mill through the trees.

Once on the South side of the river the mill comes into full view and in the summer there is a great deal of colour in the river bank and its possible with a wide lens to capture the mill, weir and bridge. It should be noted however that when the mill is fully light a large portion of the foreground in in shade and this can cause issues with dynamic range.

Sturminster Mill

I have also made a video of this photo location on Youtube link below;

Canon 5DSR
0.5 sec @ F18
ISO 50
17-40mm Lens @ 26mm

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