Photos of Best Essex Villages

Essex Village Photographic Project ends, last chance to view images
Castle at Dawn
About 2 years ago i was looking for a long term photographic project to work on, being a Essex base photographer and having roamed Essex over a number of years i decided that it would be great to record in images some of the beautiful village dotted around the county, I set out how I was going to do this in one of me early blogs a link to which in below.

Link to Blog Start of Essex Village Project

These images were curated and a selection included on a dedicated section of my website split into a section for each village.

This project has now come to a natural end, as such I will shortly be removed this section from the website, it will however possibly be the basis of a short book or Zine.
Summer Common

To mark its end I intend to over the next few days produce a number of blogs noting how the images were taken, a short description of the featured village and any interesting facts pertaining to it.

I have also provided a link to the Essex Village Project section below

Link to Essex Village Project section of website.

I hope you enjoy the images and if you enjoy this content Please Subscribe using the link on this page.

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