Photos of Aira Force, Lake District

Aira Force one of the highest waterfall in the Lake District
Aira Force 001
My next location while in the lakes was Aira Force one of the highest waterfall in the Lake District, I parked in the small carpark at the top of the falls on the A5091.

Arriving at the carpark at around 10am it’s a couple of minutes walk to the falls, however I was distracted on the way down by the fantastic views of the falls through the surrounding trees.
In addition to the falls which is obviously the main attraction, the autumn colour of the woodlands around the falls is fantastic and presents a photo opportunity of its own.

Aira Force 002

Once at the falls it was obvious that the exposure of any image would be difficult due the fact that the bottom pool is almost always in shadow and the top of the falls is in the main in direct sunlight.

I spent a couple of hours at or around the fall and the surrounding woodlands and although it was quite busy with other admirers all In all it was a great photographic location offering many varied opportunities.
As I mentioned earlier in this blog the image presented here demonstrates the issue with exposure and in post processing I had to bring the shadows having exposed for the upper part of the falls.

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Camera Settings
Canon 5DSR
F16 @ 1/4sec
ISO 200
Lens EF 24-105mm F/4L @32mm

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