due to my late arrival that morning the north end of the lake was knee deep in photographers
Buttermere Pano
I have visited Buttermere on a number of occasions nearly always parking in the NT carpark near the Fish Hotel. This particular morning the Honister Pass was closed so it was a torturous route to get to Buttermere.
Having parked I walked to the famous Lone Tree, however due to my late arrival that morning the north end of the lake was knee deep in photographers. This being the case made decided to walk around the east bank of the lake.

It was a breezy day and the surface of the lake was very ruffled, not the glass reflective finish normally seen in images of Buttermere. This image was taken from the south east end of the lake looking toward the trees on the north bank, I had to wait for almost 2 hours for the for the wind to settle to at least give a degree of reflections. You can see from the image there is still a slight amount of surface wind in shore which I think adds to the image.
Having taken this image I made the decision to walk to the top Fleetwith Pike from the north bank of the lake. This was not one of my best decisions, having got about a quarter up the pike with 20Kg of camera gear on my back I came to my senses and walk back down exhausted.
Lone Tree in a Storm

Having got back to level ground and got my breath back I made my way back to the carpark, again along the east bank of the lake. I captured a few images on my return to the carpark, some of which lent themselves to back and white.
All in all though a good if not tiring day

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Camera Settings
Canon 5DSR
ISO 50
0.5 Sec
Lens EF 24-105mm @ 32mm

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