The Oldest Swimming Pool in Suffolk

I noticed the swans in the upper reaches of the river swimming in my direction

I had been to the same spot on the river Stour in Sudbury on a couple of occasion, this was however a few years ago, but I was never really satisfied by the results I obtained in terms of composition and the lighting conditions.
On this morning I have a hint as I was driving from my home to Sudbury that the conditions were a deal better than before, as I could see the mist resting in low lying fields.

The location itself is an old Victorian river swimming pool, if you look to the right of the image you can see the semi circular side wall and the steps leading into the river. On this morning mist was laying quite nicely across the fields and river with the sun just peaking through trees providing side light to the scene.

After taking the first few test images I noticed the swans in the upper reaches of the river swimming in my direction. You might think would be easy to capture the photo with the swans in, but it took quite a few images to catch both swans side on particularly the one closest to the camera.

The camera I used to take the image was my Canon 5DSR with the Canon 17-40mm lens and as the sky was extremely bright I also had to incorporate 2 stop Lee graduated filter to control the highlight exposure.

Camera Settings

Canon 5DSR
ISO 400
S/Speed 0.4s
Canon EF 17-40mm F/4 Lens @ 19mm


The nearest carpark is in Croft Road, Postcode CO10 1HR, from the carpark cross over the footbridge and turn right, heading North, the next bridge you come to overlooks the swimming pool.

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