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I on a whim uploaded a couple of images
Prayway Head
Prayway Head
I have over the past few years spent quite a bit of time on Exmoor in the south west of Britain. It offers fantastic photographic opportunities in a very small area and whats more there are images to be captured throughout the year.
Having won a couple of small competitions which were specifically set on Exmoor in the past, I still had a few images in the bag which I thought would make great cover shots for a magazine. With this in, mind, I on a whim uploaded s couple of images on the photo section of the Exmoor magazine website. To my surprise and I must say delight I got an e-mail the next morning say they were interested in using one of the images for the autumn cover shot.
The image itself is from a location called Prayway Head, which is just through the village of Simonsbath on Exmoor. As can be seen from the image, Prayway Head is a deep valley with trees growing from its slopes. In the autumn when this image was taken this valley is populated with rutting stags which bellow loudly in the early morning.
I am returning to Exmoor later this year at the tail end of my Lake District trip in late October, hopefully I can capture another cover shot.

I will continue this blog over then next few months while visiting Norfolk the Lake District and Exmoor if you would like to follow these trips please subscribe.

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