Bluebells 2nd Visit

Try Try and Try Again
Well try try, and try again, as my last Blog entry made clear I was having difficulty putting together a composition which included the Bluebells blanketing the forest floor in Pound Wood, Rayleigh.
But ever persistent I returned again yesterday morning, this time slightly earlier to try to capture the sun glimpsing through the trees and thus lighting up the bluebells and what I assume are snow drops.
Fortunately, although there was a hazy cloud the sun did breakthrough periodically which allowed this image to be taken.
I do not think the Bluebells will last much past the weekend so was glad to get this image, one thing I should say is that Bluebells are a protected and its not really wise to go stepping all over them so I was careful to skirt around the edge of the Bluebell meadow.
Canon 5DSR, 24-105mm F4L lens @70mm, ISO 50, 0.5 Sec Exposure
Sun Kissed Bluebells

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