Bluebell Heaven

Its that Bluebell time of year again
Its that time of year again with the Bluebells in full bloom, in Essex there are several woods where there are Bluebell Meadows, one of these is Pound Wood which is quite near me.
I have visited this wood a number of times and always found it difficult to put together a composition that I liked, the light is quite good, but the actual layout does not lend itself to good composition ( or this how it affects me ).
However, I thought I would give it another go as I have visited the wood on Saturday and knew the Bluebell were very near their peak.
I arrived there around 7.30am, late, but I knew the sun would not peek above the trees until around that time. Well again despite taking over 50 no images I could still not find a composition I was happy with.
Sitting there feeling a bit despondent, I remembered I had a Macro lens in my bag and bluebells make a fantastic subject for Macro work, hence this image. I like the fact that although there are some Bluebells out of focus you can still see they are Bluebells in the background.

Canon 5DSR, F11, ISO 800, 1/125 sec, Tamron SP 90mm Macro Lens

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