The Fairy Glen

A magical canyon set in the Welsh landscape
As a mini photo trip, I decided to make a short visit to North wales, this entailed about a 4-hour drive from my location in Essex up the M6 past Birmingham and then across on the A5. As in my usual practise I book myself into a pub which also had a restaurant, this hostelry was in quite a big town Bala which sat on the banks of a large lake and a great place to stay.
This location near BETWS-Y-COED was one of the first on my list of interesting spots, I arrived there around 11am and what was abundantly clear I had missed the best light by a couple of hours.
It should be noted that when photographing canyons, the angle and position of the sun are the most important features with the golden hour very rarely coming into play. I packed myself off to the Rhaedr Ogwen waterfall which was a few miles away with a clear plan to return earlier the next morning.
Returning the next morning I made my way to the canyon floor which is reached but descending a slipper rough stone stairway onto some large boulders which are strewn at rivers edge. Having scouted what, I considered to be the best view point the day before I set up looking down the canyon.
Once the camera was set up I noticed that there were numerous white areas of foam from the upstream waterfall floating along the river which would make an interesting image if I could extend the shutter speed. All my lens have a Lee lens rings on, so I quickly fitted both a 6 stop ND and Lee polarising filter this extended the shutter speed to 30 sec.

Canon 5DSR, 24-105mm F4L lens @58mm, ISO 50, 30 Sec Exposure
The Fairy Glen

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